These Waves Will Carry Us Home

by Caleya



Caleya /// These Waves Will Carry Us Home
Midsummer Records

Available on Vinyl and CD


released September 9, 2010


all rights reserved



Caleya Hamburg, Germany

CALEYA erschaffen auf ihren bisherigen drei Alben eine vertonte Gefühlswelt. Setzen sie in ein Zwielicht aus drückender Brachialität und leiser Zerbrechlichkeit. Eingerahmt in lyrische Empfindungen ergibt die bisherige Diskographie und die leidenschaftliche
Livepräsenz von CALEYA ein forderndes Gesamtwerk, welches nach Gehör verlangt.
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Track Name: These waves will carry us home
There they stand
With firm stand
The ocean in their eyes
Shines like the northern star
Their hearts resemble one furiously storm
Let tremble they in isolation
Faces without expression
Staring into the calling flood
In expectation remains the instant
Like tough sand in their hands
Let loose
Leave behind
All beloved
All the envy
All despair
All this which seemed once human
Put down like a brittle mask
Snakeskin out of melancholy pinprick
Driven out by the breath of a comforting dream
With firm view to the horizon
They’re marching into the open arms of a riot sea
The wind in their ears
Is singing tenderly a farewell dance
As they stand within the flood
Feeling the cold wings tender embrace
They know
That these waves will carry us home
Track Name: Faithfully Singing Farewell While We're Gently Sinking Towards The Rising
Brittle wood bends itself relentlessly
Under the heavy weight
Of the souls whose fleeing from the pasts
Pleading depth
The course clearly
Assertively floating the waves to the far harbour
Cold wind embracing them
Like a lost child
Pulling them away from the valleys
Built by reverence remorse
To the daybed out of foulard dreams
Where all this which once was
Creates itself in endless circles over and over again
Awaiting eagerly
The siren of a soothing tide
There hearts are hanging like an anchor
On foulard strings
But at least they felt the water
Filling out there lungs
Embracing the tide and sinking
Towards these open arms
Hope will guide them home

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